The Current Leading Outsourcing Platforms That Will Improve Your Workflow

These days, it's becoming much easier to hire and work with an employee or contractor virtually. Outsourcing platforms take the stress out of finding a virtual assistant or employee.

But of course, there are overwhelming number of platforms available. Let's compare some of the current leading platforms for outsourcing.


Pros: 1. No monthly fee 2. Screening process for freelancers is very thorough. 3. You don't have to look through page after page of resumes. 4. Excellent customer service.

Cons: 1. You may have a hard time giving up some control over your hiring process. 2. You will be matched with a very small group of candidates.



1. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can probably get your money back.  2. You can get your work done here cheaper than you could get from an agency. 3. Website is easy to navigate, and the staff communicates well.

Cost: For up and coming freelancers, you will pay only $5 for a job. For pro freelancers, services can range between $500 to $10,000.



Pros: 1. Their interface is easy to use. 2. You can hire people with one click. 3. They have a vast pool of potential candidates.

Cons: 1. They do not do a great job of blocking scammers. 2. They have a questionable rating system. 3. Their customer service isn’t readily available.


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