How to Make Money With a Blog (Top 3 Strategies!)

When it comes to turning your passion into a money-making business, it can be frustrating and confusing. There are so many options for how to make money with a blog or just online even. Let's simplify it and just focus on the top 3 strategies!

1. Affiliate Marketing

The first choice on our list is affiliate marketing. And that’s for a reason! Most new bloggers find affiliate marketing to be the easiest monetizing strategy, since it doesn’t require much time or effort, compared to writing a course or an eBook.

Generally, different affiliate programs provide ranging commissions. For example, the Walmart Affiliate Program offers 1-4% of the item’s sale amount, depending on the payout group.

How much can I make?

2. Create and Sell Your Content

Creating and selling your content might not be suitable for beginners. You need be able to promote yourself as an expert in a particular niche, and your entire blog should be focused on promoting this knowledge. We are grong to present the top strategies related to selling your own content.

No matter the subject, if you have a valuable skill that is appealing to a wide audience, you can profit from your courses. What’s more, you can set up a great avenue for passive income by allowing the courses to sell on autopilot.

Sell Courses

If the idea of writing a “book” intimidates you, you're not alone! Luckily, an eBook is not a full length novel. A simple way to choose a subject matter for your book is to run a survey and ask your readers to choose.

Sell eBooks

3. Advertisements and Sponsored Content

Last but not least, advertisements, sponsored posts, and reviews are a great way to monetize your blog. The reason we've put this last is because you'll need to be an established website with big traffic before you can really start making money this way.

While you can certainly place ads all over your site at any point in time, you won’t make very much money unless you are getting at least 25,000 page views per month. The more traffic you receive, the more money you make.


Sponsored content is when you post an article that is paid for by a sponsor and geared towards selling that sponsor's product. These kinds of posts can be product reviews, recommendations, or just an article about the company.

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