Micro Weddings are all the Rave – Is It Time to Skip the Big Wedding?

The last two years have really impacted weddings and how they’re enjoyed. Micro weddings are all the rave now and here’s why.

A recent article on Brides.com talks about how more than 80% of couples say that their expectations and plans for their wedding have changed since the pandemic.

As a result, more and more wedding planners plan smaller weddings for couples who still want to get married but make the most of the current situation.

Micro weddings are just what they sound like, smaller-scale celebrations involving around 50 people. 

Don’t get me wrong, just because you have a more intimate wedding does not mean your wedding can’t be epic. Adjusting your guest count can be very beneficial.

Having a smaller celebration allows more room for creativity when executing your vision.

Micro weddings are exactly like your typical wedding because you are still getting married, followed by a reception with food and drinks and maybe even some dancing afterward. 

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