10 Most Popular Stay-at-Home Jobs

Stay-at-home jobs have become increasingly popular post-pandemic. Even though one could have performed the positions listed here at home before the pandemic, many have become more popular in recent years.

Organizations have quickly pivoted to full-time remote work where you can stay at home to get the job done. Here is a list of jobs you can consider if you have the interest, skills, and qualifications to apply.


On the surface, accounting may seem like a straightforward job. However, as you dig in, you'll find there are several different types of accounting jobs. An accountant's average salary is $58,488.

A consultant is another position that has many different variations. Generally, a consultant works directly with a business or organization to help improve performance. The average salary for a business consultant is $75,356.


Project Manager

Project management is one of the more versatile jobs in the corporate environment. Project management is all about communications and relationships with the team. The average salary for a project manager is $78,675.

Recruiters are responsible for helping organizations find the best talent for their open positions. Recruiters almost always work for a company, and the services provided to help a potential candidate are free. The average recruiter's salary is $54,500.


Software Developer

The role of a Software Developer is to write code for applications and other products based on a client's or organization's needs. A Software Developer can write code anywhere with a laptop and the right tools. The average salary for a software developer is $127,228.

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