Job Opportunities In The Music Industry

Music industry jobs cover a vast array of opportunities for every personality type. Whether you’re a frontman at heart or a creative introvert, there’s room in the music business for you!

If you’ve got the enthusiasm, the drive, and a strong work ethic, it’s not an impossible dream to stake a claim for yourself and start building your ideal career.

With such a variety of roles out there, it can be challenging to decide which piece of the music industry pie is for you. So, here’s a brief rundown of a few different aspects. 


A&R stands for “artist & repertoire.” A&R music jobs involve finding new artists and talent, getting them signed up to a record label and overseeing the project. As an A&R Representative, you will be the liaison, ensuring good communication between the record label and the artist or band, and aiding the development of a successful and lucrative business relationship between the two.

From advertising, film & TV and software development to public events and even the production of children’s toys, music is an integral part of our world! If you don’t have the head for the stage lights, your creativity can cut you out a very successful and rewarding career through freelance composer jobs.

Performing & Writing Career

Recording Careers

Aside from the artist, or band, themselves, there is a whole host of professionals involved with the production of any one record. The science of knowledge and the art of creativity combine in the recording studio to ensure the smooth transition of a raw sound into a polished track.

Record company executive job descriptions vary depending on the company’s size and values, and of course on the individual. A record company executive’s role can range from legal, financial or global strategy to artist discovery, or even answering the phones at a small up-and-coming record label.

Record Industry Careers

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