Here’s How NFTs & Crypto Can Revolutionize The Music Industry

The interest in NFTs has grown exponentially in recent years, with NFT sales totaling $25 billion in 2021 alone, up from $95 million the previous year.

While some financial experts are skeptical about NFTs based on their volatility, it's not easy to ignore the amount of money generated through the sale of NFTs.

Most people know NFTs in regard to collectibles and digital art images.

Music NFT

In the music industry, artists can create NFTs of their music, which they can then list for sale through cryptocurrency.

Over the years, artists have always been under the control of recording labels, which often get the lion's share of an artist's work.

A Better Way of Monetizing Their Work

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Redusing Piracy

Piracy is a big problem in the music industry and sees the industry lose millions of dollars annually.

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