Personal Capital: An In-Depth Review

Created in 2009, Personal Capital is a digital investment manager that seeks to give users the tools they need to properly go about retirement planning, portfolio management, and personal budgeting.

It’s different from straight personal finance budgeting apps like Mint, but also not quite like the mutual funds that manage billions of dollars.

Personal Capital has two parts to its offerings. The first is a suite of free financial tools to help elevate your finances, and the second is a full-featured robo-advisor platform.

The first part includes a budgeting application that lets you keep tabs on all of your spending and earnings, and lets you easily view where you stand financially.

Personal Capital lets you link all of your accounts to the service, meaning that you don’t need to spend the time to manually input updates of your finances.

If you’re interested in getting a holistic view of your net worth, investment accounts, and credit cards, you’ll benefit from this free tool.

Personal Capital comes with a mobile app that has earned it many rankings in “top budgeting apps” lists and offers users a true all-in-one solution to their personal finance struggles.

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