Your 5 Best Options For A Personal Bookkeeping Software

With personal bookkeeping software costing anything from zero dollars up to as much as 100 per year, it’s important to know your needs and limitations before you invest.

If you’re looking for some basic budgeting in your finances, there are various software packages with tracking tools that allow you to track your spending every month and even set aside specified amounts if you’re saving for a particular financial goal, such as a house purchase or a wedding.

The major player at this end of the personal bookkeeping software spectrum is Quicken, one of the best-known and most frequently used money management tools on the market.

With multiple features to help you manage your financial situation, it continues to remain a favorite tool for anything from basic budgeting to tracking savings and investments.

Quicken (Mac & PC)

Quicken appeals to both those who need guidance with personal budgeting and those with large investment portfolios to manage. Quicken also has an incredibly user-friendly mobile app for around-the-clock convenience.

Personal Capital

A free and easy-to-use personal finance software that syncs up all your accounts into one location. Personal Capital creates summaries of your spending, net worth, and most importantly, your investment portfolio.


Moneydance is an excellent platform if you regularly engage in foreign exchange transactions or deal in more than one currency. Advanced features allow you to track the stocks and bonds on the market and you can set the software to update the value of your portfolio daily.

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