7 Best Places to Find Free Uncopyrighted Music for Your Videos

Anyone who’s ever made a video knows that finding good free music is one of the hardest parts of the job.

We’ve collected 7 of the best ways to find free uncopyrighted music Creative Commons Attribution Licensed music.

1. YouTube Audio Library

This has free music and sound effects and it’s easy to search. Go to the YouTube “search” tool and type in “Creative Commons Music.” You can even get more specific and type, for example, “Creative Commons Music Background Chill.”

All the music on the site is exclusive. This means that you won’t find HookSounds music anywhere else. You can use the tracks for personal use for Free, under their use and mention license.

2. Hook Sounds

3. NoCopyrightSounds (NCS) 

If you search for “free uncopyrighted music” or “no copyright music” on YouTube you might come across this YouTube Channel. It’s a popular channel turned record label from the UK, that features free electronic music for independent Creators.

Although it would seem like a self-explanatory website name, you may have to pull out your wallet in some cases. You’re going to find mostly Creative Commons Attribution Required tracks here, but some are “CC-BY-NC”.

4. Free Stock Music

5. Purple Planet Music

This site offers tons of free Creative Commons music (CC-BY) and all you need to do is credit them! You can use them for your monetized video, but they only give you a 192kbps MP3.

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