Investing Without Risk: Practice and Learn Through Paper Trading

A paper trade is simply a simulated trade that allows you to buy and sell stocks (without risking money).

The reason it’s called a “paper trade” is that back in the day before computers, aspiring investors would write their trades out on paper to practice before risking it in the real stock market.

Paper trading provides a great way to gain exposure to the stock market, but as with everything, there are advantages and disadvantages.

The biggest pro of paper trading is that you risk zero money! If you wanted to buy a thousand shares of Apple in real life, you’d need to spend over $100,000!!! 

Risk Zero Money

Test Out New Trading Strategies

That will build your confidence in your trading strategies and let you know whether they have a shot at working. 

Knowing what you’re doing will provide you with a considerable advantage come time for you to start investing.

Get Familiar with Your Trading Platform

A lot of new investors will read about paper trading and laugh at it. “Why bother trading if you’re not going to make any money?” That is the wrong approach.

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