Top 9 Ways To Promote Your Real Estate Business Online

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) in the USA, in 2019, 44 percent of customers looking for a new home in the previous year began their searches online (Real Estate in a Digital Age 2019 Report by NAR).

With so much competition, it is exceedingly important that you make your presence felt. This can be seen in a list of real estate blogs. Now, we get to the fun part – the tips that will make your business stand out.

As long as your content is in regular intervals, it is not so significant how often you post. Write short posts about decorating, furnishing, art – literally anything that would interest the owner of a new home. 

Write a property and lifestyle blog

Guest blog on a connected website

This is connected to step one above. Often, to help with posting schedules and visibility, bloggers write on different blogs that share a common connection. Following the theme of your blog, offer to write on other writers’ blogs.

No, this is not about computer infrastructures or chains! Sharing your links on local businesses’ websites can really help too. Getting your name out and about online is the key. You may also use some services for link building in your practice. 

Networking with link

Use a professional photographer

This is dependent on your budget. However, a good, professional photographer will be able to capture the interiors and exteriors of your listings in their best way. This will attract more customers to stop and look at your listings.

Mobile-friendly websites are incredibly easy to read and navigate on all devices, regardless of screen size. This is vital in 2022. Having this feature will encourage customers to use your services rather than a competitor who does not have mobile-friendly web pages. 

Make sure your website is ‘mobile friendly’

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