The 4 Most Popular Bookkeeping Programs for Your Business

When you track your business finances with proper accounting software, not only does it make tax time a helluva lot easier, but more importantly, you always know exactly how well your company is doing (or how badly).

QuickBooks (Online or Desktop)

QuickBooks is a true accounting software for business. You can use it whether you’re a sole operator or a large corporation, and it will grow as your company expands.


- Quickbooks is incredibly easy to use - They provide quality accounting reports. - Quickbooks is flexible with 3rd party applications.


I would generally recommend FreshBooks for smaller businesses and freelancers who need basic features like sending invoices (along with payments) and tracking expenses.


- Freshbooks allows its users to customize their invoices and create that professional look. - It will send estimates to help win jobs advancing your clientbase and business overall.

Quicken is one of the most significant money management software packages on the market.

Quicken Home & Business

- With Quicken Home & Business you’ll be able to view balances, budgets, accounts and transactions. - It’s dashboard shows spending trends and other metrics important to your business.


Quickbooks online and Xero are pretty similar and can handle most any size business. Freshbooks and Quicken Home & Business are geared toward smaller companies that don’t have inventory.


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