Real Estate Strategy 101: Learn the Basics

Investing in real estate is well-known as one of the most effective ways to increase your wealth.

Unfortunately, most people don’t understand all the ways they can invest in real estate or even the lingo that’s associated with the industry.

Offer / Purchase Agreement 

This is a document you as the buyer give to the seller, which expresses the amount you are offering to pay and the terms of your offer.

Escrow / Title

Technically the term “escrow” refers to money being held by a third party until certain conditions have been met, or so that certain financial obligations can be fulfilled. 

Earnest Money / Deposit

Your “deposit” or “earnest money” is an agreed-upon sum that you put down in order to secure the sales contract and open escrow.

A title company does the above-mentioned research, and they provide an insurance policy that can be purchased for security.

Title Company / Title Insurance 

Due Diligence 

“Due diligence” is the steps you take to make sure the property you are buying meets your expectations.

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