Personal Finance Product Recommendations

List of the products and services I use both in my personal life and for my business clients. Some of these products I have been using for over 20 years now.


One of the most significant money management software packages on the market. I’ve been using Quicken for 25 years, and I recommend it above all others. It offers both Mac and PC versions.


A standard old school brokerage house. I decided way back when to set my first brokerage account there because the trades were readably priced and it was one of the larger firm.


Robo Advisors

have hit the investment scene in the last 5-10 years. The advisor comes into play when you have a “managed” account. (Meaning the firm manages your investments for a fee.)

Creative Planning

A management firm trying to provide a more wholistic approach to your retirement. They kind of describe themselves as a family office for the rest of us (that have over 100K in savings that is).

The self-directed accounts are usually referring to tax-deferred accounts that allow you to invest in “alternatives.” These generally are investments that are not traded in the public markets

Self-Directed Retirement Accounts

Rocket Dollar had more of a “start-up” vibe, and feels more “current,” but in the end I went with price. RD was only a few hundred more per year. If things go sour with MS401k, I’d switch to Rocket Dollar.

Rocket Dollar


 A fantastic web-based service where you can start a business entity. They also offer registered agent services, annual filing services, entity closure services and some others.


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