Renting vs Owning:

Why You Need to Own the Real Estate You Live in (of Which You Will Be the World’s Best Renter!)

Let’s Start With the Most Important Reason: You Will End Up With MORE MONEY Over Time

Based on the idea that someone paying $1500/month and rent, decided to buy a $300K house

Being $1500 per month would not cover the total monthly costs of a property of this price, all extra monies that go into the carrying costs, get calculated for the renter, as if they were invested in the market getting 8% CAG.

Rents paid are increased by 3% every year, while housing expenses are also increased by 3% each year. At the end of 30 years, you would have 300K more in your bank account!

You Need to Treat Your Home as an Investment My real estate success has been largely made possible by following this one very important rule: I treat any house that I live in, or commercial property that a business of mine occupies, the same way that I would treat any stand alone real estate investment.

Why You Should Avoid Renting vs Owning

1) When you rent, your entire monthly rent is an expense thrown out the window. In contrast, as an owner, you actually benefit from the increased equity each month.

Why You Should Avoid Renting vs Owning 

2) As renter alone, you do not get to deduct your rents or home expenses from your income at tax time, but the owner gets to deduct a significant portion of the expenses on their tax return.

Why You Should Avoid Renting vs Owning 

3) Your rent will likely continue to increase along with inflation, outpacing the actual annual cost increase of the real estate…yielding more cash flow to the owner.

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