Rising Gas Prices? Here's What You Can Do To Save Money

We spoke to experts on the seven best ways to save money at the pump.

Drive Responsibly

Before you think about slamming the accelerator or weaving between lanes, consider the cost, literally. According to Andrew Scott, a financial expert, careful driving can save up to a whopping 38% on fuel expenses.

Comparing fuel prices can result in considerable savings, and several apps can make this process easier.

Price Shop Where You Get Your Gas

Keep Your Vehicle Well Maintained

Routine car maintenance is another area to look if you want to increase fuel efficiency and save money, says Michael Melwick of Moto Transportation, a trucking company.

Take Advantage of Cash Back Offers

Andrea Woroch, a consumer savings expert, recommends using a gas rebate credit card and other cash back apps to get money back on fuel purchases.

Schedule Fill-Ups Early in the Week

Did you know gas prices tend to be lower earlier in the week? According to Dan Nelson, a personal finance blogger, “on average Monday is the most cost-efficient day to fill up your tank and the national average peaks on Friday."

Conventional wisdom says that turning off the air conditioner and rolling down the windows will save fuel. However, with efficiency improvements in modern cars, that is not always the case.

Know When to Use the A/C

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