Russian Invasion To Increase Inflation And Volatility. 2 Ways To Protect Your Portfolio

While average investors suffer losses in stocks, and it can be impossible to trade Russian stocks right now, hedge funds are positioning themselves in alternative assets like energy.

As discussed, prices will likely rise steeply without Russian energy, especially natural gas in European countries. Given the challenges with commodities trading, it can be difficult for retail investors to profit.

Invest in Farmland

Farmland value increases when agricultural products become more expensive since the underlying land becomes more valuable. 

Farmland investing bears similarities with gold and other precious metals that investors lean on to hedge against market volatility.

Even though the Federal Reserve Bank is likely to raise interest rates, there are still many reasons to be excited about investing in real estate.

Invest in Real Estate

Traditionally, real estate has been a great way to hedge against inflation. Typically, the value of real estate rises faster than inflation.

Real estate could be an option for investors wanting to beat inflation and receive predictable income compared to the volatile stock markets based on all these factors.

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