So, How Does Honey Make Money

Others are less obvious, particularly some that help you earn and save money. For instance, how does the coupon and price-comparison app Honey make money?

Honey Crash-course For the uninitiated, Honey is an online shopping tool that helps users lock in the best deals possible on products while they shop.

How Does Honey Work

Coupon and deal apps are nothing new. There are plenty of sites that offer side-by-side comparisons of different products, brands, or prices.

Honey is completely free for users to install and start using. There is no one-time purchase, no monthly subscription fee, and no features hidden behind a “premium” paywall.

How Much Does Honey Cost To Use?

So, How Does Honey Make Money

They primarily monetize their service through commissions. Rather than collecting all of its pricing and deal information from various merchants as an independent third party, Honey partners directly with its merchants.

Affiliate marketing plays a significant role in the online economy and is a popular way to make money for many creators and businesses.

Breaking Down Affiliate Marketing

The term “influencer” has settled into the cultural vocabulary as an ordinary synonym for “online celebrity,” but the word has ties to affiliate marketing. An influencer builds influence by offering value, then monetizes it by partnering with brands.

Honey Affiliate Marketing Example

Consider you are shopping online for a new pair of sneakers. The sneakers have everything you want (LED soles, chrome stripes, tie-dye laces, etc.)

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