States With The Most New Small Businesses Per Capita

To find the top 20 states with the most new small businesses per capita, Simply Business analyzed the Census Bureau’s Business Formation Statistics from August 2020 to July 2021.

The Business Formation Statistics contains data by state for all new business applications, high-propensity business applications, and business applications with planned wages. High-propensity businesses are those that have a high propensity of turning into a business with payroll.

The Revive Alabama grant program was established in July 2020 and awarded small businesses that did not qualify for federal assistance up to $15,000.


New York State’s COVID-19 Pandemic Small Business Recovery Grant Program was created to provide aid to small businesses, micro-businesses, and for-profit arts and culture organizations in amounts ranging from $5,000–$50,000 per business.

New York

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced a $225 million, three-fold recovery plan for small businesses in January 2021. One program, the Michigan Mainstreet Initiative, is a grant program that aids restaurants and other small businesses.



The $20 million Downstate Small Business Stabilization Program provides downstate Illinois and rural businesses with the chance to team up with local governments to obtain up to $25,000 grants.

In October 2020, North Carolina made available $12 million in grants through RETOOLNC for minority and women-owned businesses that were suffering disproportionately from large financial losses due to the coronavirus.

North Carolina

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