How We are Staying for Free on our Summer Vacation with a Vacation Home Swap

If you're willing to be a little flexible on your travel dates, and potentially even your location, you can most likely stay for FREE on every vacation you take. Yes! Seriously! It's called a vacation home swap (or home exchange).

My husband and I signed up for* and are now saving ourselves many thousands of dollars that we would have paid for a 10-day stay in an Airbnb or hotel in gorgeous Newport, Rhode Island. Curious how this is possible? Let me explain.

What is a Vacation Home Swap?

Simply put, a vacation home swap allows you to swap (exchange) residences with another member for an agreed upon number of days. When you use HomeExchange*, the experience feels kind of like a dating website– but for your house.

A member just messaged us to say that they thought our house was lovely and they would like to do a vacation home swap this summer.

How Did We Find Our Free Vacation Home Swap in Beautiful Newport, RI?

What If You Can't Find Someone Who Wants to Stay in Your House for the Dates You've Selected?

Not a problem. A cool thing about HomeExchange* is that it's really flexible. You can stay at a Home Exchange house and use “GuestPoints” instead of swapping houses with someone.

HomeExchange is the biggest leader in home swap vacations. They have over 400,000 homes in 187 countries. It just seemed liked the safest and best option.

Why Did We Choose HomeExchange for our Vacation Home Swap?

Is There a Membership Fee?

Yes, it's $150 per year, but we figured this would pay for itself after one exchange.

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