Strike to Transform both Payments and Bitcoin

“If we can help make the Bitcoin network more accessible and usable, we believe we can change the world,” he said while on stage in Miami at the recent Bitcoin 2022 conference.

Strike is poised to make Bitcoin-backed payments go mainstream by enabling individuals and businesses to send currency via the decentralized network at incredible speed and nearly zero cost.

Strike to Transform both Payments and Bitcoin

How Strike works  With Strike, users can send any currency to one another via the Bitcoin Lightning network. They do not need to hold Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, though.

Network layering  The lightning network is a Layer 2 payment protocol built that processes transactions more efficiently and at less cost than those done through Bitcoin's base layer blockchain.

Striking down incumbents  Strike is ready to disrupt. Strike's unique value comes from merging two mega-trends  – mobile payments and crypto. By leveraging blockchain tech to conduct everyday transactions by integrating the retail economy through an intuitive fintech app

There is another perk: the service is free for individual users. Strike instead makes money through merchant fees and the interchange revenue from the Strike Visa debit card, which was launched last year.

If Strike triggers a race for payment processors to join the Lightning Network, Bitcoin adoption will skyrocket. This, in turn, could start another sustained bull run for the value of Bitcoin.

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