Taking a Vacation from your Kid’s Summer Vacation Can Improve Mental Health

After the weeks of planning summer activities for kids, moms everywhere feel the toll summer vacation takes on them.

75% of parents are ready for their kids to return to school at the end of summer, and more than half of parents are stressed about keeping their children occupied over the summer.

Summer is not just about unwinding from the stresses of schoolwork. This time is also a unique opportunity to learn and develop new skills. Children take in recent educational and social experiences during summertime activities that they otherwise may not know in the classroom. 

This puts pressure on parents to meet their children's mental and physical needs while on summer vacation. That added pressure while planning and executing a stimulating summer for their children can affect their well-being.

“The summer vacation for the children becomes a full-time job (on top of our existing full-time jobs) for the parents. And it really can take its toll on one's mental health. For me, it's simultaneously the best and worst tie of the year – which is a very odd feeling to have,” said Sarah Roberts 

Despite the changing landscape of parental care, most family caregivers are still women. Moms everywhere are spread thin between their daily obligations and meeting their children's needs during summer vacation.

It's Mom's Turn for a Vacation

Travel destination groups took notice of the end-of-summer trend and offered burnt-out moms a chance to take care of their mental health with a vacation package.

The Naia Resort & Spa team in Belize wants to help moms and their friends celebrate surviving another summer vacation.

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