Summer break can help your child's mental health

After the weeks of planning summer activities for kids, moms everywhere feel the toll summer vacation takes on them.

Summer is not just about unwinding from the stresses of schoolwork. This time is also a unique opportunity to learn and develop new skills.

It's Mom's Turn for a Vacation

Moms often find themselves needing a vacation from their kid's holiday.

Wash away the pressure of summer vacation lounging by the pool, relaxing at one of the top spas in the country right on the resort, or sweat the stress away with water sports and fitness classes.

The Perfect Destination

The Connection Between Parents' and their Children's Mental Health

Summer activities are great for family quality time; however, parents must take time for themselves.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “a child's healthy development depends on their parents—and other caregivers who act in the role of parents—who serve as their first sources of support in becoming independent and leading healthy and successful lives.”

By taking a break for themselves, parents can alleviate summer burnout and return to the new school year refreshed with the energy to support their children's mental and physical needs for growth.

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