Top 9 Tax Return Service Reco’s

I’ve outlined my recommendations for filing taxes this season. Most of these companies have free e-filing for simple tax returns.


They offer free e-filing for forms 1040, 1040A and 1040EZ.  State tax return is included! If you have Quicken, this is a great option thanks to import functions.  


This is a top pick for tax software when it comes to value.  You can file online or download their program.  Their e-file is free. 


 H&R Block

They offer free e-file returns for simple tax situations, regardless of income, through their website.

The US government is teaming up with numerous tax software companies.  You can file your taxes through their site for free.

 IRS Free File

They’re a great option for singles who aren’t itemizing.  The price is $25 for everyone, no matter how much you earn.



 To file state income tax returns, they charge a nominal fee of $12.95.  However, if your income is less than $20,000, the state income tax return becomes free.

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