The 10 Best Countries To Live In that Won’t Break Your Budget

During the 21st century, there has been a significant movement of people and expats going from place to place. 

Maybe there are opportunities in other countries to have an excellent education, business success, and enjoy a fantastic quality of life. Living in the same area can give you a feeling of being stuck.

If you are feeling stuck or looking for a place to retire, this list of countries should help aid you in a position to move abroad.

As a country filled with beautiful scenery, Switzerland ranks as one of the best countries. The surrounding Alps offer opportunities to ski and snowboard. 



Taiwan offers one of the best healthcare systems globally with a simple 2% tax for their National Healthcare Insurance.

Canada boasts beautiful scenery. The hiking, adventuring, and other outdoor sports make it outdoor enthusiast heaven.



It is not just a country in the E.U., but it is one of the most affordable countries in the E.U., offering many opportunities to new immigrants. 

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