The 4 Top Bookkeeping Programs

QuickBooks vs FreshBooks vs Xero vs Quicken Home & Business

If you are just starting a business, or even if you've been in business for a while, you need to compare QuickBooks vs Freshbooks vs Xero vs Quicken Home & Business so you can hone in on the software that's most beneficial for you.

Let's take a look at QuickBooks vs Freshbooks vs Xero vs Quicken Home & Business so you can make an informed choice.

QuickBooks is a true accounting software for business. You can use it whether you’re a sole operator or a large corporation, and it will grow as your company expands.

QuickBooks (Online or Desktop)

– Quickbooks is incredibly easy to use and is  – Its users love this software because of its efficiency. – They provide quality accounting reports. – Quickbooks is flexible with 3rd party applications. – Its pricing is affordable and a great option for those wanting exceptional value for the price they pay.


Quickbooks supplies its users with 5 different plans to choose from, starting with the self-employed plan that is designed specifically for independent contractors and freelancers costs just $15 per month.


The big benefit of QBO is that its web-based so you, your employees, and your CPA can get into it from anywhere. Plus, it has lots of integration from other productivity tool makers for things like time tracking, payroll, benefits management, bill payments, mobile receipt capture…you name it.



Xero is cloud-based accounting software. It allows you to manage your business in multiple currencies and boasts an extensive network of integrations, making it super easy to automate communication between all your preferred apps.


– Xero is cost-effective and offers a free 30-day trial so that you have the freedom to explore before you buy. – This software provides a clean interface that gives you instant visibility into your financial position making your life so much easier. – It offers an estimating/quoting/order process that ties into AR invoices smoothly.

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