The 6 Biggest Money Wasters that are Popular

Americans have several collective addictions, and wasting money is among the nastiest. Yet, for some reason, we forget how hard we worked to earn the money when it comes time to blow it.

If you're ready to stop wasting money, rid yourself of these ten popular ways to donate your hard-earned moolah to undeserving recipients.

Buy a high-quality, portable thermos, and stop handing your paychecks to Big Water. Of course, the occasional Fiji is a delightful treat that you deserve.

Bottled Water

You're not the only fan. Not by a long shot. $300 monthly gets you a few foot pics, not exclusive rights. Go ahead and cancel the subscriptions. It's time for a real girlfriend.


Edible gold leaf is little more than a status symbol. Your body doesn't even digest it, and you're lying if you say you can taste it. So why are you spending the extra $50 (or more?) to pretend you're King Midas?

Gold Leaf on Your Food

Designer Clothing The only people who would appreciate that shirt are the same ones who will mock you for wearing it once it's out of style

How confident are you that the campaign will spend that donation—which might have gone towards the kid's college fund or credit card debt—wisely?

Political Donations

Gambling Whether you're hitting the tables in Vegas, stopping by 7-Eleven for your daily scratch-off, or wagering on the night's slate of basketball games, you're wasting your money.

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