The Best Choices for LLC Formation and Incorporation Services

When it comes to choosing from all the online LLC formation and incorporation services available, you need to cut through the clutter. You want to know that you’re getting the best deal and that it will be done right.

Personally, I always file with IncFile. My second choice would be ZenBusiness. In my opinion, you don’t need to waste your time looking into any other companies.

But, for the sake of comparison, I will include LegalZoom and BizFilings in my top 4, because they are reputable and have been popular choices for many businesses. 

I will say however, that what I do like about Legalzoom is that they offer a bunch more services like…wills and trusts, intellectual property work, and live legal help. So if you need some legal consolation, beyond just your filing, they may be a good option even though they cost more.

What is a State Fee?

This is the fee charged by each state to file your LLC or articles of incorporation. Each state fee is different, and they charge different fees based on whether you are filing an LLC, S-Corp or C-Corp.

Each company offers different packages that are basic, mid level, and pro. When I file with IncFile, I always choose the “Silver” package. This is their most basic and it is free.

With ZenBusiness, the Operating Agreement is included, so you are really only saving $9 by going with IncFile over ZenBusiness. LegalZoom and BizFilings include the Operating Agreement as well, but charge a lot more for their basic package.

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