These Are The Important Tools I Use For My Blogs

If you have decided to join the ranks and become a “blogger,” you’re most certainly in need of some helpful blogging tools. I want to share my best resources with you. If you want to take blogging seriously, these are the must-haves.

A self-hosted blog is usually built on the WordPress platform and needs to be “hosted” on a server somewhere. That server is provided by a hosting company. The hosting company I use is SiteGround. SG is cheaper than Bluehost and has better customer service, in my opinion.

SiteGround Hosting 


Manages your email list and allows you to deliver scheduled newsletters, email sales funnels and blast emails pretty easily. It also allows you to put those “email capture boxes” on your site (that you see all over the web).

A break-though service that makes scheduling calls and meetings so damn easy. It also makes charging for hourly coaching or consulting services so damn easy, too. Using a PayPal integration, clients schedule their call and enter their payment info right then.



LearnDash is technically a plugin, but it’s really a platform for making online courses that actually live on your site (as opposed to living on another outside platform like Teachable or Tablet Wise). It’s both easier to use than other platforms, and also gives you credit for all the traffic your courses are taking in!

A WP plugin that allows you to create email sales funnels that are hosted on your own site. The funnels include built in purchasing, just like something in ClickFunnels. Similar to LearnDash, CartFlows is more of a platform for your website than just a mere plugin.


A custom page builder for your word press site. People say it’s one of the easiest to use, and I agree. I recommend it for customizing your CartFlows pages.


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