Music Industry Jobs: An Amazing Array of Opportunities

If you're interested in entry-level music industry jobs, NYC or Los Angeles are two of the prime locations to get started. Your only barrier is your imagination.

However, with such a variety of roles out there, it can be challenging to decide which piece of the music industry pie is for you. So, here's a brief rundown of a few different aspects.


A&R stands for “artist & repertoire.” A&R music jobs involve finding new artists and talent, getting them signed up to a record label and overseeing the project.

It's not all about stage performances and record deals. Music is present in all areas of life, and you'll find original and contemporary pieces everywhere.

Performing & Writing Careers

Recording Careers

Recording engineers and mixing artists are responsible for working together to ensure the finished track satisfies both the artist and the record label.

Outside of live performances and record sales, the music industry extends across all areas of media; music is an integral part of all films, television, advertising, and game production.

Film & TV Music Careers

Advertising Music Careers

Music advertising is an entire industry itself, with the relatively modern developments of social media introducing a whole new strand to promotional strategies.

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