The Ups and Downs of Reinventing Your Life At 43 With a Kid

So…Hello!  We are Joe and Kristin DiSanto, a former executive producer/business owner and a former film/commercial editor from Los Angeles.

We went from often working for free, to building a post-production company with our best friends that brought in millions of dollars, won Emmys, and fulfilled our lofty career goals.

AND THEN WE KISSED IT ALL GOODBYE to start a new life.  

Kristin is now able to be a full-time mom and part-time blogger.

Joe is a part-time CFO and small business consultant and part-time blogger.

How did we manage to pull this career shift off?

Well…a lot of financial planning...

... some good investments (mostly real estate)...

and a healthy fear of life passing by before we actually got a chance to live it.

We had a total breakdown in Austin TX (our first stop on the journey), and made a bunch of mistakes along the way that cost us emotionally and financially.

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