These Gurus Can Help You Start Your Online Business

You literally can lose your mind when you start doing research about blogging. For one, it can be discouraging. You quickly realize you are very late to the party and will have a steep uphill climb.

Additionally, there’s a dizzying amount of email lists, podcasts, sales funnels and webinars that will bombard your to-do list until you want to cry.

So I decided, after a decent amount of research and podcast listening, that I was just going to “pick my guru’s” and get started. It makes sense to cut through the clutter by taking advice from people who’ve been successful.

The Money Mix Insider Blogger Group

TMMI aggregates the purchasing power of a bunch of bloggers and gets a lot of the critical services for us at a lower cost.

But that’s not all it does; it also provides a ton of value through shared marketing resources, guest-posting opportunities, lead generation, and email list building help.

Buildapreneur (Spencer Mecham)

AF (like anything worth doing in life) takes time effort and requires some learning. I bought Spencer’s Affiliate Secrets course and it was extremely helpful for me.

Not only does it teach AF, but it also teaches marketing techniques you can employ for your own digital products=, coaching, or consutling

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