Tips on Planning a Micro Wedding

Just like with a regular 200-person celebration, you still need to plan and set boundaries for things such as budget, guest list, and attire.

Here are some things to consider when planning for your micro wedding.


Micro weddings usually run between 1500.00 and 10,000 but can go as high as 30,000.00. Sticking to a budget might be challenging, but you must do so.


The good news is most of your uninvited guests will completely understand that during these crazy times, having a 200-person celebration is not feasible.

Most micro wedding venues do not occur in your typical reception hall space. So, there will be many things to consider before booking a room.



Food and Beverage is an area you may splurge on since fewer people will be accommodated.

There are so many great benefits to having a micro wedding. They allow space for creativity, an opportunity to splurge on higher-end menus or drinks, and are, most importantly, an intimate celebration of your union.

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