Top 15 Easy Paying Jobs This Year

Can you imagine working comfortably at your own pace and earning a good income? This doesn't have to be a pipe dream. Everyone can have easy jobs that pay well, and here's where to look.

An easy job that pays well allows you to be more relaxed and have a good quality of life without your bank account taking a hit. Here are the top 15 easy jobs that pay well.

1. Transcriptionist

Average annual salary: $49,400 As a transcriptionist, you will be responsible for converting audio or video documentation into written text.

Average annual salary: $43,388 A notary public is responsible for ensuring that people are whom they say they are in documents.

2. Notary Public

3. Blogger

Average annual salary: $46,982 It doesn't cost much to start a blog, but you can make plenty of money blogging. In addition, bloggers have a relatively stress-free job, and you can work from wherever you want.

Average annual salary: $40,700 Being a personal trainer is a great way to help others while ensuring that you also stay fit. You don't need a degree or a certification to become a personal trainer.

4. Personal Trainer

5. Translator

Average annual salary: $49,110 If you're bilingual or are fluent in a second language, being a translator is a great opportunity. You will translate documents from one language to another, transcribe, and more.

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