Top 5 Personal Bookkeeping Software Options

Personal Capital vs Mint vs Quicken vs Money dance vs Countabout are all potential options to help you get a better grip on your personal finances or tidy up your investment portfolios.

With personal bookkeeping software costing anything from zero dollars up to as much as 100 per year, it's important to know your needs and limitations before you invest. That said, it can be confusing to decide which one meets your requirements. So let's break it down.

Quicken (Mac & PC)

Features: 1. Manages your account balances, investing, personal budgeting, and loans. 2. Monitors the performances of your brokerage accounts extremely. 3. Basically quicken does more than any other software I have been able to find.

Features: 1. It offers Individual securities. 2. Personal Capital has free, comprehensive investment management tools. 3. Dedicated financial advisors are at your assistance whenever you need it.

Personal Capital


Features: 1. Tracks the personal finances of each user. 2. It provides online bill pay services. 3. They support multiple currencies, including cryptocurrencies.

Features: 1. It pulls all personal financial information into one location providing an overview of current finances. 2. Most of Mint’s users are mobile and it's easy to use interface makes for a great experience.



Features: 1. CountAbout can import Mint and Quicken data into its own software. 2. Provides excellent transaction tracking. 3. Includes customizable categories and tags.

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