Top 7 Ways To Save Money (During a Time of Inflation)

Let's dive into the top 7 ways to save money, even when prices are surging with inflation.

Do you belong to a gym you never visited? Are you paying for live channels on Hulu and not using them? There are ways to downgrade subscriptions without losing the service. As you make changes, keep track of how much money you will save each month, and add that amount to your emergency account.

Check Your Subscriptions

Make A List Before You Go Shopping

This will ensure that even with inflated prices, you will stay on task and on budget because you have already determined what to buy and spend before you go in!

Plan Ahead and Eat at Home

When you make your shopping list, plan your meals for the week as well. This way, you won't give in to the temptation of ordering a pizza instead of eating a prepped meal you planned that is within the safety of your budget.

Give Yourself An Online Shopping Day with a Budget

Online shopping can be a great way to keep to your budget because you are not walking around a store finding things you like that are off your shopping list.

Make Sure You Have the Lowest Monthly Service Prices

Cutting the costs of your services even by a few dollars a month can make a massive difference over time when it comes to how much you will be saving monthly.

You'll find the best prices and cashback shopping options with apps like Honey and Rakuten. You can also go “old school” and cut paper coupons from newspapers and flyers.

Try Couponing

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