Turnkey Real Estate Investing for First-Time Buyers

So you’re wondering about turnkey real estate investing? Well, a full turnkey property can be an easy entry into real estate investing for a first-timer.

But there are some major pitfalls to consider as well (I know from experience). Let’s take a look at all the pros and cons before you jump into this kind of real estate investment.

Turnkey Real Estate Investing for First-Time Buyers

What Exactly Does Turnkey Mean in Real Estate? Turnkey real estate investing refers to buying a piece of property that comes rent-ready, usually from a company that provides a full service to an investor.

What Do I Need to Do to Build or Improve My Credit? Here's what a turnkey provider does: they find the properties, rehab them, get them rented, sell them to you (the investor), and then manage the property for you (at least while they remain in business!)

Is Turnkey Real Estate a Good Way to Buy Real Estate? Generally speaking, turnkey companies can provide a valuable service, and it’s one of the few answers to the question of “How can I invest in real estate passively?” Or  “How can I invest in personally owned real estate passively?”

The Pros & Cons of Turnkey Real Estate Investing PROS: 1. Totally Passive Income  2. Invest Out-of-State in Cheaper Market 3. Diversify Your Real Estate Market 4. Positive Cash Flow & Equity 5. Somewhat Simple & Relatively Convenient

1. You Have to Rely Too Much on Others   2. Property Managers Mark-Up Repairs & Fees  3. Lazy Tenants  4. Possibly Less Quality Tenants


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