Ultimate Guide on Why You Need to Invest Now

If you have been poking around my blog, you’ve probably figured out that my ultimate goal is to help you reach some version of “financial independence” (or even just plain ol' retirement).

What is financial independence?  Here’s the basic definition: your assets generate an income at least equal to your essential expenses.

If you want to reach financial independence, you've got to understand big picture investing. I'm going to break it down for you, so you can recognize why you need to invest, in order to achieve financial freedom.

Enter…Your Big Picture “Investing Vehicle”

Your “investing vehicle” is whatever you're going to put your savings into, like a stock or a bond, or really any investment you choose to put your money into. You want this money to make money for you…without having to work for it. Because you already have a job, right?

1) Public Financial “Markets”

The public markets are basically the entire financial industry. All the terms you hear thrown around at the office, by your friends or on the news—stocks, bonds, commodities, index funds, ETFs, mutual funds, options, derivatives, mortgage backed securities, REITs, etc.

Now, with real estate you are more on your own than in public markets…sort of. There is obviously an entire industry devoted to the buying and selling of real estate, but you don’t have (as many) “investment services” offering to guide you through investing in real estate (except kinda in the case of REITs).

Personally Owned  Real Estate

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