What is PMP Certification? And What Are The Benefits?

PMP stands for Project Management Professional, and the PMP certifications is offered by the highly reputed Project Management Institute (PMI). 

PMP™ Certification is a globally recognized professional certification and is considered essential for many project management positions. PMP certification has practical relevance in many industries like transportation, construction, IT, services, oil, and gases, engineering, and architecture.

According to a survey by Price Waterhouse Coopers, “higher-performing projects are significantly more likely to be staffed with certified project managers”. 

What is the PMP certification about?

PMP certification assesses if you have the criticality, salience, and relevant specialized knowledge and skills to become a high-level project manager.

Many people hesitate to acquire this certificate due to the investments involved, both in respect of time and money. But PMP training is worth it, especially in the current business scenario which is highly dynamic.

Gaining the PMP certification proves that you have put in the hard work and time to acquire relevant skills and knowledge. Since project manager jobs are high in demand, the number of candidates applying for this role is high. 

What are the Benefits of PMP certification?

A PMP certificate is a highly valued certificate program. Recruiters understand this. They give priority to a certified candidate over a non-certified candidate.

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