What To Do After Handing In Your Resignation Letter

Your manager or HR representative will advise you of the procedures you will follow to resign officially. The process typically includes filling out some paperwork and returning company property.

Next, start tying up any loose ends at work. Complete any unfinished projects, clean out your desk, and start saying goodbye to your colleagues.

You will likely spend your last two weeks training your replacement and handing off any unfinished work to them. If they haven’t found a suitable replacement, your manager may ask you to create training materials to ensure a smooth transition.

The chances are high that someone will ask you why you are resigning or what you’ll be doing next. Again, it’s best to prepare a brief answer that only discloses what you want to share.

Thank your coworkers for their help and support, and exchange contact information with anyone you would like to keep in touch with.

In some cases, surviving your last few days can be challenging. For example, in a toxic work environment, your coworkers might resent that they have to take on your workload, or your manager may exclude you.

Again, it is important to be professional and respectful during this time and still do the job you are getting paid to do.

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