Why Business Owners Should Have a Business Credit Card

The best business credit cards include this awesome feature: they do not report your card information to your personal credit report.

That means you can carry a huge balance (not that you should, but you could) and it won’t affect your personal credit score. Nice.

Why Should You Care So Much About Your Personal Credit Score?

Basically, your credit score is the gateway to, well, everything….

Want to buy your home with a loan? Hope to lock in the best interest rates…or rent an apartment..or buy a car with a loan..or get the best credit card deals…or even the lowest cell phone rates? Credit Score!

Now if I was carrying that balance on a visible card, my score would be much much lower, which could increase the rate I would be getting on the refinance right now…or worse make it harder to get.

That’s why a business credit card is such a great friend. It will save your precious score when you’re racking up thousands of dollars as you expand your business (or some other really good reason to carry a large balance).

Plus many cards come with pretty nice signing bonuses to boot!

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