Why is it Important to Make a Will for your Loved Ones

Making a will is not the most exciting topic, and it forces you to face your mortality.

But whether there’s a pandemic or not, it’s highly recommended to put a plan in place for your home, bank accounts, and belongings if the worst was to happen.

Before you sit down to plan your estate, here are ten things you need to know that you might not have considered.

What happens if you pass away without a will?

If you pass away without a will, you and your loved ones will not be in charge of how your assets get distributed.

Dying intestate (i.e., without a will) means the state courts will decide who gets your belongings and who will become guardians of your children.

If you have a family member you are helping to support or an unmarried partner, you may not be able to pass your assets on to them.

Having a will in place makes sure that you are in control of your assets and can distribute them as you see fit. So if you want to donate to a school or charity, you can – without the state getting in the way.

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