The Reason Why You Need to Treat Your Home as an Investment

My real estate success has been largely made possible by following this one very important rule: I treat any house that I live in, or commercial property that a business of mine occupies, the same way that I would treat any stand alone real estate investment.

For most average real estate investors, you’re going to be “buying and holding” your investments (aka being a landlord).

So why is it any different if it’s your own home? Actually, it’s the biggest investment win-win.

Think about it. You get an extremely reliable tenant (yourself), and a landlord you won’t ever have to “deal” with (yourself)!

Plus you don’t need to pay for brokers fees when acquiring the lessee, or pay any property management fees during their tenancy. Talk about an ideal situation!

The reason this philosophy holds water, while being contrary to some other investors’ take on the matter, is that you as an individual, or business owner, will 100% be paying for a place to house yourself or your business. It’s as certain as death and taxes.

Now, if you own the property, you get to pay that rent to YOURSELF! If you don’t own the property, you pay rent to whomever owns it. Either way, you will be paying a market rent for the quality level of housing you choose to occupy.

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